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Tern Harbor Marina

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ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Need a radar system or commercial fish finding sonar installed? Changes to your boats hull and fiberglass areas can cause structural problems when not installed properly. Have your equipment installed right the first time by the manufacturer's specifications.

BOW & STERN THRUSTERS, OUTRIGGERS AND MORE: Professional installation with expertise in fiberglass fabrication and modification is a must when getting safe, yet top performance from your thrusters and outriggers. With our travel lift, we are able to take your boat out of the water if necessary or install them on land before you launch for the season. We install on power and sailboats with the highest quality craftsmanship on the South Shore.

MAST STEPPING & UNSTEPPING: There are many essentials procedures when safely stepping and unstepping your mast. We have performed hundreds of these procedures with hundreds of pounds of pressure during the process. Our 'FULL SERVICE' yard is the perfect place for you to have your sailboat ready for the high seas.

BOAT WASHING: In season, we feature the most modern boat washing recycling system on the South Shore of Boston. Commercial or pleasure craft can increase performance by having a clean hull. Offshore racing boats are a specialty.

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Full Service Boat Yard
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